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Timeclock Job Aid


Program: Camtasia 

The client request approximately 20 resource guides to accompany face-to-face and eLearning training. These training videos center on the newly adopted Kronos Workforce Central system. This is the prototype sent to the client to get started. These videos are placed in a repository and readily available to all employees.


New Faculty Onboarding & Orientation

Video Creation 


Program: Camtasia 

I created this video to onboard new faculty and adjunct professors to the university and embedded it as part of their orientation online course. Initially, this video was a series of PowerPoint slides, transferred into Camtasia Studio and edited with a multitude of transitions, fades, and features to enhance the institution's message.



Course Welcome Message


Program: Camtasia


I was excited to spruce up this faculty member's course introduction video. She wanted to set the tone for a fun and exciting course. She requested her introduction video to reflect a casual course with meaningful learning objectives.


Agile Methodology Introduction


Program: Camtasia

Implemented to accompany a training course for contractors on a proprietary methodology; here is a snippet of the multimedia that I created using Camtasia and an array of images. Moreover, as there was no budget to allow for a vendor to provide actors and editing, I created this as a brief introduction, using simple tools and simple language to describe a process of high complexity. 


Call to Action
Program: Camtasia
I recreated/edited this video from the publicly available and accessible school board meeting. I used Camtasia for editing and aimed to call for the repeal of House Bill 1107 (HB 1107) 4-403b. HB 1107 allows a two-thirds vote of all voting members to override any decisions by the County's CEO. A two-thirds vote equals 9 members. Therefore, the CEO appoints 9 members, so any decisions that are made will never get overridden. 

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