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Virtual Orientation

School of Naturopathic Medicine SME Orientation
Program: VideoPad and PowerPoint
MUIH was in the midst of developing a School of Naturopathic Medicine (SONM) in 2018. To develop the curriculum for accreditation, all department leaders, including myself, oriented the subject matter experts (SME) on the institution and each department's basic operations. Here, I only included the excerpt that I presented for Course Design.


Introduction to Orientation
Program: Articulate Storyline
The orientation program for new Consultants offered by this consulting firm includes an online course with a module covering the history and timeline of the firm's milestone events. In addition to a static version of this information, I incorporated an interactive version was created to ensure all types of learners were provided an opportunity to meet the learning objectives in a way that best met their learning style. (Multiple means of knowledge attainment - UDL Principle)


New Faculty Onboarding
Branching Scenario
Program: Articulate Storyline
The Faculty Engagement Department requested a sample of an interactive learning object to incorporate into their existing new faculty onboarding online course. I created this simple just-in-time mock-up developed to provide them with a storyboard approach when guiding new faculty through the University's new hire process.

New Faculty Onboarding & Orientation

Video Creation 


Program: Camtasia Studio 8


I created this video to onboard new faculty and adjunct professors to the university and embedded it as part of their orientation online course. Initially, this video was a series of PowerPoint slides, transferred into Camtasia Studio and edited with a multitude of transitions, fades, and features to enhance the institution's message.




Orientation Presentation
Program: Captivate 2019
This presentation is proprietary and requires a password to view. As a product, this presentation was created in PowerPoint and converted into Captivate 2019 to include interactive navigation and assessments. Email to receive the access password.

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