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Knowledge Checks


Interactive Module
Program: Articulate Storyline 360
I developed this module to test a custom LMS and its SCORM and results reporting capabilities. The module is designed to guide instructional coaches and mentors through the process of completing a classroom observation form as well as providing guidance and 

structured feedback to their teacher (mentees). There are videos embedded and several knowledge checks to guide the coaches completion of the observation form. Note: The volume and cc are disabled for your viewing convenience.


Interactive Test Review
Program: Articulate Storyline
Interactive test review developed for a marketing course. M.I.T researchers discovered in analyzing learner efficacy in online courses, online pre-tests, and virtual test review opportunities. Researchers had found that learners gained the most benefit from test reviews when the material was interactive (Gasevic et al., 2014). Hence, I designed this test review with a focus on increased manual manipulation and learner interactivity.


Course Equivalency Knowledge Checks
Program Utilized: Articulate Storyline 2
I developed this project from a PowerPoint file for delivery to ground campus students. The professor wanted to present the same course content materials to online students and on-ground doctoral students. Equivalency is not the same as equality. For the online course to meet the highest quality standards of

educational design and delivery, it should provide an equivalent learning experience to the face-to-face course. Accomplishing course equivalency is possible, even if executed alternatively, as online instructional delivery requires a variety of approaches that encourage and support teaching and learning best practices. Accordingly, I incorporated knowledge checks and additional interactive learning objects to simulate classroom interactions.


Knowledge Checks
Program Utilized: iSpring
The faculty member developed a basic PowerPoint presentation. I met with the faculty to discuss the possibility of knowledge checks to enhance engagement opportunities. I encouraged the faculty member to provide knowledge checks consistently throughout the presentation and where appropriate.

Interactive Wellness Business Module

Program Utilized: Articulate Storyline


A small business course utilized this interaction as an additional test review resource.



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