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As Learning Scientists, KM Smith Ph.D. Consulting focuses on bridging accessibility, and e-Learning architecture by delivering compliant digital assets efficiently and affordably for organizations or higher education institutions of all sizes. We leverage over a decade of investment in advanced accessibility technology, which is supported and informed by a team of dedicated certified professionals to aid in supplying improved digital access and accessibility. This philosophy centers on a specific set of accessibility specialties, including content from:

  • Peer-reviewed research 

  • Learning assessments and evaluations

  • Higher education Institutions

  • Learning/Content Management Systems

  • Instructional design workflows and methodologies

  • Multimedia in virtual healthcare (or generally kinesthetic) courses

  • Continuing education 


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Originally from Camden, New Jersey, and now residing in the D.C. Metro area, I am an accessibility advocate having earned a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership, Doctor of Naturopathy (Health & Wellness), Masters in Higher Education, Bachelor’s of Science in Health Education, and several industry certifications.


With over 14 years of experience serving healthcare-focused adult learners, I have gained intensive knowledge of the inner workings of higher education institutions, the culture, and as an overall expert.  In my current and previously held positions, as Director of Online Course Design, Online Instructional Systems Designer, Adjunct Faculty, University Learning Specialist, and Director of Curriculum Content (Continuing Education), effective collaboration among healthcare on-campus learners, online learners, as well as staff and faculty were integral.  


My initial career explorations provided me the opportunity to instruct allied health students in a blended & hybrid environment. This experience incepted my passion for adult learning and my professional career in higher education.  In addition to obtaining faculty and clinical experience, my former and current higher education leadership positions provided me with a solid foundation supporting my in-depth understanding of education's institutional culture, learning management systems, educational technology, evidence-based instructional practices, andragogic techniques, and digital accessibility.


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Keywords: instructional designer, online learning, healthcare education, virtual course design, adjunct professor, dissertation, doctoral

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