Interactive Quizzes
Program: Articulate Storyline
I created this interactive content to demonstrate how the in-house Instructional Design team can simulate third-party vendors' content layout, presentation, and functionality. This in-house quiz will enable multiple instructors to teach the course, minimizing the use of third-party content.

It is advisable to present a mix of material that was created in-house and third-party, as they both have their pros and cons.
In-house content is easily editable, allows for maximum creative control and can even be reused in similar courses or additional sections.
Conversely, third-party content utilizes outside expertise, is less costly, and is immediately available for use. Prior research (Threlkeld, 2006) indicated that video-based content is still the most popular.
Generic content can easily be obtained and reused from a third party. However, assessments that align with specific course objectives or outcomes are usually created in-house, as it may contain unique content to the course.